George Stoppel Farmstead

In 1856, two Stoppel brothers, Francis, usually called Joseph, and Stoppel-Farmsite-Snow.jpgGeorge settled side by side in Rochester Township. George left Germany in 1834 and spent several years in Switzerland and France. In 1848, he sailed to the United States to join his brother in Ohio where he met and married Maria Ann Faber. Seeking affordable land, Joseph and George traveled to Minnesota with their families. On April 28, 1856, the two each filed a claim for 160 acres of land and paid $1.25 per acre, for a total of $200.

The two families lived in a cave during the first winter. Thereafter, George built a number of buildings, although the only ones still standing are a barn, a shed, a silo, and the stone house built in 1861. The farm stayed in the family for 100 years, until it left family control in 1956. The farmstead was purchased by the Olmsted County Historical Society in 1976. Joeseph's farm is now called the Ralph Stoppel Farmstead.

The George Stoppel Farmstead stands today as a national register historic site to commemorate the early pioneers and agricultural history of SE Minnesota.


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