The History Center museum features rotating exhibits on the people and events that shaped the history of Olmsted County. The exhibit gallery changes regularly, so visit periodically to see new stories and different artifacts on display.

                                                   Current Exhibits

                                          The 2nd Annual Creepy Doll Exhibit through November 2020


Farmington Township 1855, outlining the life of residents of Farmington township in the 1880’s.  Discover the short lived Potsdam Flour Mill and the effects of the stage coach road.  The exhibit features a breaking plow used by early farmers and a bustle dress owned by a local immigrant. 



                                                                               "Dressing the Abbey"

                        See what life was like during the roaring 20's of the upscale neighborhood.



                                                                                  "Dressing the Farm"


                                                                      See the rural side of the 1920's


                                                                       The Onward March of Suffrage
The History Center's new exhibit, "The Onward March of Suffrage," is now open! 2020 marks one-hundred years Since women voted in their first national election. Getting the vote was no tea party.

                                                           Rochester Symphony Orchestra:  100 Years


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